Ron, Jon, and Mary’s Fish Tale

On Tuesday (Sept 8, 2015), Mary, Jon, and I trolled hard all morning down the east side of Pleasant Island. This was our first ever experience using down riggers. After several hours of little or nothing to show for the efforts (“in the box”, that is), we finally reached Point Adolphus and hooked up with a silver on the right down rigger setup.

Jon and his spoils of war
Jon and his spoils of war

Jon and I grabbed the rod and down rigger reels and the fight was on. Just then the left rod hooked up and we suddenly had two on the lines. Mary, who was driving the boat at the time, had to turn her attention to the left line while I was trying to round up the net and reel in the down riggers. Needless to say, things were a bit hectic in the boat.

Then came along a pair of huge sea lions and one was headed straight toward Jon’s line and fish. The reel started to scream as line was ripped of it. Meanwhile, I netted and boated Mary’s silver and we proceeded to cheer Jon on in his “tug-o-war” with two huge sea lions. Which he fought valiantly to a compromise. They took the fish and relinquished the head to Jon. I guess we were lucky at that we did get one fish boated and a memory and fish tale to last a lifetime.

-This fish tale comes from guest, Ron, Jon, and Mary, during the twelfth week (Sept 6 – 12) of the 2015 season. Do you have a fish tale to share? Click here.