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Doc Warner’s provides much of what to bring on an Alaska fishing trip. Personal clothing and toiletries are all you need from home. The list below indicates items you may want to bring with you as well.

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Personal Item List

Packing too much is a common occurrence for our guests. Excess baggage charges can be eliminated if you will pack into a single carry-on. Your fish will be packed into boxes which you can check on your return. The following list will help you know what to bring on an Alaska fishing trip and how much to pack. *Can be purchased at the lodge

  • 3 changes of clothes (laundry facilities available)
  • *Shirts, sweatshirts, vest (layering will keep you the warmest)
  • Pants
  • *Jacket (medium weight)
  • *Ball cap or *beanie
  • Socks and underclothing
  • Sneakers or other comfortable footwear
  • *Waterproof gloves (raingear and boots are provided)
  • Thermals if you get cold easily
  • Toiletries (shampoo, soap, and towels are provided)
  • Small first aid kit
  • Medicines
  • *Sunglasses
  • *Lip balm and *sunscreen
  • Chargers for electronics

Fly Fishing Gear

Doc Warner’s does not provide fly fishing gear. If you want to bring your own, we recommend the following for both fresh water and salt water fly fishing.

  • Rod: 7–10 weight
  • Reel: High capacity 8.5–9.0
  • Backing: 30 pound ultra thin
  • Line: Taper floating and monoclear saltwater or freshwater, or sink tip saltwater line.
  • Leader & Tippet: Triangle taper fluorocarbin leader, tipped in 3X–0X
  • Flies: Alevin, Blue Smolt, White Wooly Bugger, Egg Sucking Leaches, Flash Fly, Hot Pink Sparkle Shrimp, Chartreuse Everglow Fly, Gold Comet, Lefty’s Deceiver, Tarpon Fly, Clouser Minnow, and Skyomish Sunrise. Doc’s has a limited supply of flies at the store.


Do not bring firearms to the lodge. Our transportation providers do not allow them on their vessels.


No flammable articles of any kind are allowed. This includes propane cylinders. Please do not bring anything that requires propane or white gas.

Broken/Lost Equipment Policy

You are responsible to pay for broken or lost equipment.


We do not permit the use of any drugs, including the use of marijuana, on our premises, boats, or equipment.