Willis’ Fish Tale

Let me start off by saying I enjoyed my stay at your fishing lodge tremendously. The food, accommodations and most importantly, the people who worked there were all outstanding. Everyone associated with your operation made me feel very welcome and cared about.


Even though the fishing was a bit slow (especially for the silver salmon), I did catch quite a few, including a 71 pound halibut! But the real significance of my trip to your lodge starts when I was only six years of age and in the first grade. The summer before that first grade yea,r my father had told my brother and I that he was planning a trip for us to Alaska. He had us very excited with tales of kayaks, Eskimos, seal,s and whales. Unfortunately, my Dad lost his job – and the trip didn’t actually take place. I guess I was still so excited about the Alaska Adventure that Dad had wanted to take with us two young boys, that I chose to write about “the trip” in my “what did I do this summer” essay for my first grade teacher! When the first Parent-Teacher conference came about, my mother went to it prepared to hear the good and bad about her first grade son. The teacher started it off by saying “My, you have such a brave and adventurous son.” My mother was a little confused and asked why she said that. The teacher responded with, “Your son wrote an essay about going to Alaska with his Dad and brother where he kayaked with an Eskimo and harpooned a seal!” My mother of course set the teacher straight. And I don’t believe I was ever chastised for my outrageous tale of adventure in Alaska!


Well, I’m 62 years of age now – and the fishing trip to your lodge was my first trip to Alaska. My Dad is gone from this earth now, but I thought of him quite a bit while fishing and traveling to, in, and from the state. He would have been really happy to know I finally got that “Alaska Adventure” he had planned for his sons so many years ago!

That said, my trip to Doc Warner’s was wonderful in so MANY ways that my words cannot adequately express. Thanks for a wonderful experience.