Each guest at Doc Warner’s is allowed to keep two halibut per day and no size restrictions. With so many halibut being caught, let’s run through the process of landing a halibut.

There is something exhilarating about seeing your fishing line release from the downrigger and your pole tip flip up toward the sky. It means you have a salmon on the line and it’s time to reel it in.

Stabi Craft Boat

In our previous post we addressed some concerns our first time guests have with driving their own fishing boat. Today, we explain why Doc Warner’s has chosen to use a self-guided fishing system and how we work to enhance that …

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Driving a Boat at Doc Warner's Lodge in Juneau Alaska

Self-guided fishing is one thing that makes Doc Warner’s unique. Initially, this can be intimidating, and many guests ask us, “Well, don’t I need a guide to help me catch these monster fish?” Our response: “Absolutely not!” With a little …

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