Flashers and Dodgers

Flashers and dodgers are devices that reflect the sun and can be used to troll for King, Silver or Chum Salmon: fish that are attracted to the reflected light. Because different colors reflect light at different depths, knowing which colors to use at which depths can increase your chances of catching fish. For example, if you are fishing on a sunny day, more light will be reflected at deeper depths, which means you should choose a flasher typically used in shallower waters. Generally speaking, flashers used at deeper depths can be used in shallower waters.  Remember, if the skies are cloudy, not as much light can be reflected, so you may need to adjust the colors to shallower depths depending on the amount of sunlight available. In order to be flexible and accommodate for diverse weather conditions, have a variety of colors and sizes on hand.

Fishing Flashers

Below is a rule of thumb you can use to determine which colors are most effective at which depths. Again, keep in mind that you will need to adjust the depths down on sunny days or up in cloudy conditions. At the lodge we have a variety of flashers available. Below are some images to give you a better idea of what the flashers look like.

Which color flasher or dodger do I use at which depth?

0-20 feet Pink, Yellow, Brass/Silver, Green if it is sunny

Pink Fishing Flasher

Yellow Fishing Flasher

Brass/Silver Fishing Flasher

Green Fishing Flasher
















20-40 feet Yellow, Yellow/Green, Green

Yellow Fishing FlasherYellow/Green Fishing Flasher









40-60 feet Green

Green Fishing Flasher Green Fishing Flasher









50-75 feet Blue, Purple, Black. Anything with UV, Prism if it is cloudy

Blue Fishing Flasher Purple Fishing FlasherBlack Fishing Flasher

UV Chrome Fishing Flasher
















75+ feet Anything that glows in the dark. Anything with UV

UV Glow in the Dark Fishing Flasher

UV and Glow in the Dark Fishing Flasher









Any depth Anything with UV, Prism, Chrome

UV Chrome Fishing Flasher

Chrome Fishing Flasher









Which weight do I use with which size flasher or dodger?

Down Rigger  Use for 11″ flashers or dodgers. 8″ flashers or dodgers can also be used with a down rigger.

1 or 2 lb. weight  Use for 8″ flashers or dodgers if you are trying to go deeper or if there is a strong current.

1 Pound Fishing Weight 2 Pound Fishing Weight









4 or 6 oz. weight Use for 8″ flashers or dodgers if you are staying fairly shallow or there isn’t much of a current.

4 Ounce Fishing Weight 6 Ounce Fishing Weight