Pan Fried Salmon Filet with Tarragon/Lemon Compound Butter


2 6oz salmon filet
Massa flour (corn flour, used in the making of tamales)
½ lb butter (NOT margarine or other butter substitute)
1 oz fresh tarragon chopped fine
Zest of one lemon-chopped fine

Salmon Filet with Lemon/Tarragon Butter Recipe


To make the butter:
Soften butter in a standing mixer, like a Kitchen-Aid.
Add the tarragon, and lemon zest-mix until thoroughly incorporated.
Turn the butter onto a parchment paper and roll into a log shape-chill for about two hours, until solid.

Liberally season the salmon with salt and pepper on both sides. Dredge the salmon through the massa flour and shake gently to remove any excess. Using a Teflon pan, heat a little oil. Place the salmon in the pan and gently cook for about 3 minutes on each side – the salmon should be medium-rare/medium.

Place the salmon on a plate, and then place a thin slice of the butter on top. This dish is fantastic when served with slices of fried potato and roasted asparagus.

Salmon Filet with Lemon/Tarragon Butter Recipe