Linda’s Garden

Just as you reach the crest of the small incline leading from the dock to the lodge, you are greeted by Linda’s colorful garden.


Linda, Doc’s wife, is the mother of the Lodge and growing things has always been a big part of her enjoyment in life. During the summer at Doc Warner’s the air temperatures range from the mid 50’s to the upper 60’s. The ground temperatures are slightly warmer. It’s a big advantage for growing a garden to have long days of sunlight from May into August. Some plants grow very quickly in these conditions, especially selected root crops and various types of lettuce. Adding to the ideal growing conditions are the frequent light rains so little irrigation is required.

Linda describes her gardening conditions in the following idyllic terms: ocean waves gently lapping on the beach, eagles flying overhead, occasional humpback whales cruising up the inlet, pink salmon jumping along the shoreline, and most importantly chatting with the guests as they arrive from a day of memorable fishing experience.

With Linda’s care and the addition of a little fertilizer, the garden produces enough sweet red and green leafy lettuce, radishes and perhaps turnips to provide fresh salad for as many as 100 people a day for much of the summer.