Meet Doc Warner’s

Welcome to our blog! Most of this space will be dedicated to anything and everything related to self-guided fishing in Alaska. We will start with the history of Doc Warner’s Alaska Fishing Adventures.

Doc Warner’s was founded in 1981 by Mark C. Warner. He was given the nickname “Doc” after receiving his Ph.D. in Zoology (Fisheries Biology). Doc Warner’s started with a small group of Venture scouts from Farmington, Utah. Looking for high adventure, this scout group called upon Doc, the Director of Sport Fisheries Research for the State of Alaska at the time. Doc welcomed the idea and set about preparing for their arrival.  He borrowed a few boats from some good friends, set up camp near the fishing grounds and the high adventure began!

Young Doc Warner
Young Doc Warner

One memorable experience from that first trip happened on their last day of fishing.  Two lines were tugging on opposite sides of the boat.  When the lines were reeled in, the two scouts realized they were hooked into the same huge 105 lb. halibut!  It only took a second for the scouts to begin the good natured ribbing to determine who the fish belonged to.  After that first trip, word spread quickly of Doc’s fishing expertise, and thus, Doc Warner’s began.

Doc Warner Alaska
Doc and Linda Warner Surveying the Land

As Doc Warner’s grew, the location moved to a remote island where guests would camp in tents and fish from small skiffs – everything was communal. Small groups of approximately 20 guests would come for one or two weeks at a time. In the fall of 1997, a decision was made to make fishing a full time operation and Doc purchased a 4.25 acre parcel of land in Excursion Inlet.  The following year he built the main lodge. From then on, Doc Warner’s expanded their facility and acquired better boats and equipment that would allow them to host larger groups. Today, the facilities can accommodate up to 65 guests per week. The lodge is designed for friends, couples, corporate retreats, and family groups.

Aerial View of Doc Warner's Lodge in Alaska
Aerial View of Doc Warner’s Lodge

Though Doc Warner’s Alaska Fishing Adventures originally began with a small group of scouts camping in tents and fishing out of borrowed boats, it has grown to be one of Alaska’s gems. Doc Warner’s is perfectly situated in the hand-picked, protected waters of Icy Strait on the banks of Excursion Inlet.  Doc Warner’s is surrounded by prime fishing grounds.  While the accommodations have evolved since Doc’s first group of young fishermen, our mantra remains the same: superb fishing, great accommodations and food, and a perfect atmosphere for creating lasting family memories!  We invite you to come experience what Doc Warner’s has to offer.  We believe that you’ll make this your annual trip of a lifetime.