Traveling to Alaska

Congratulations! You have officially booked your trip of a lifetime with Doc Warner’s. You might be wondering what comes next, so we have put together some travel tips that we’d like to share with you to help answer some commonly asked questions.

Mount St. Helens from the air
View of Mount St. Helens on the way to Seattle

Flights in and out of Juneau
Your week at Doc Warner’s starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. When booking flights, remember to schedule your arrival in Juneau before 2:30 pm on Sunday and your departure after 1:00 pm on the following Saturday. This guideline is critical to follow in order to allow our staff adequate time to transport you and your party between the airport and lodge.

Most guests will have a connecting flight from Seattle to Juneau. Alaska Airlines is the only commercial airline currently operating year-round out of Juneau. However, Delta Airlines recently announced that they will have daily flights from Seattle to Juneau starting in May 2014 and running through August, which will give visitors more options in creating their travel itineraries.

We strongly suggest booking your flights as early as possible to avoid any problems.

Scheduling Desired Side Trips/Excursions
Alaska offers a wide range of exciting activities that make traveling to this state a memorable experience. Therefore, we encourage you to spend as much time as possible exploring the surrounding area. If side trips or excursions interest you, we strongly recommend scheduling the excursion/outing BEFORE beginning your fishing stay at Doc Warner’s. Why? At the end of your trip, you will leave Doc Warner’s with all the fish you caught during the week. You will need to pay for the storage and transportation of this frozen fish should you schedule your excursion after your stay with us.

Catamaran ride from Juneau to Excursion Inlet, Alaska
Catamaran ride from Juneau to the lodge

Transportation in Alaska
Your booking with Doc Warner’s includes transportation between the airport in Juneau and the lodge in Excursion Inlet. The transfer is about a two-hour catamaran ride down the Inside Passage between the islands and around the mountains that make Southeast Alaska such a beautiful place to visit. Some of the best whale watching and other wildlife viewing happens during this scenic journey.

Storing Frozen Fish
As mentioned earlier, you will be dropped off at the airport with your frozen catch from the week in 50 lb. fish boxes. If your schedule includes departing late in the day, talk with the staff about the possibility of storing your fish in freezers at the airport. If you are staying overnight or plan to stay for a few more days in Alaska, most hotels offer freezer space where guests can store fish boxes. Prices vary for this service and average about $15/box.


Frozen Fish Transported to Juneau Airport
Frozen fish ready for transport home

Please print the PDF file for information about airport meeting locations and times.

If you have any other questions or concerns about traveling to or from Alaska, please share them in the comments below or contact our staff. We will be more than happy to answer them for you!