Communication at Doc Warner’s is best accomplished with a cell phone. Texting is most reliable and seems to reach most of the area. Every year the cell towers seem to improve their reach.


Main Point of Contact

At the lodge I am the main point of contact. Text me at anytime and then will I pass the information to the safety boats or to whoever needs to receive it.

There is one area of where we fish that is a little difficult on communication; Mary’s Flat. We will still have safety boats patrolling the area. Just be aware of this limitation while fishing around Mary’s Flat.

What You Can and Can’t Text

Under the guide restrictions for halibut and because we are a self-guided operation, we are limited on the information we can provide you while you are fishing for halibut. Once you have deployed your halibut lines, we can’t talk to you about fishing reports or help you with issues about broken or lost fishing equipment. You will have to come back to the dock to have those serviced.

The restrictions are not as limiting for salmon fishing. If you are fishing for salmon, we can and will share with you lots of information.

One of the nice things about Doc’s is that we have so many boats out on the water, we kind of get a feeling for where things are going well. Along the same lines, if you fish in a group of 3 or 4 boats, staying in communication with them will also let you have a good idea of what’s going on.


Final Thought

Be sure to bring your cell phone with you to the lodge. Keep it dry, don’t tell your office that you have cell service, and you should be okay.

Mark Warner
Mark H. Warner was raised in Juneau and he has been fishing the waters of Alaska for more than 30 years. He grew up working with his father developing Doc Warner’s from its earliest days. After getting his Ph.D. in Mechanical engineering, he went to work in the industry where he later completed an Executive MBA. Then in 2010, his father, Doc, offered Mark and his wife, Kristina, the opportunity to move back to Alaska and operate the lodge full-time. Today, Mark has over 25 years of experience with Doc Warner’s. His knowledge and experience teaching people about self-guided fishing in Alaska are now used to create lasting memories for Doc Warner’s guests.